plimbându-mă-n ploaie
flori de castan pretutindeni:
eu după
ele după mine
după ele

I walk in the rain
chestnut flowers all around: 
me after 
them after me 
after them…

marchant sous la pluie
fleurs de châtaignier partout:
moi après 
eux après moi 
après eux …

(Nihongo 日本語)
ame ni aruku 雨に歩く 
doko demo kuri no hana どこでも栗の花
sorera no ato それらの後
watashi no sorera no 私のそれらの
ato watashi… 後私…

A Hundred Gourds - Tanka 3:2 March 2014

The tanka was inspired by some old photos I took sometime ago
on the Chestnuts Avenue of Ploieşti, Romania:


Update November 22, 2014:
My tanka has been translated into Chinese by Mr. Chen-ou Liu on NeverEnding Story: One Man's Maple Moon. Thank you very much!


Update November 06, 2016:
I am so happy and honored that my tanka has been published in the online anthology One Man's Maple Moon: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka, Volume Two 2016 edited and translated by Mr. Chen-ou Liu. Thank you very much!

Comments (2)

On 12 aprilie 2014, 14:16 , ☆sapphire spunea...


Thank so much for letting me know about your photo gallery. I found your fabulous photo of pink shidare-zakura. The color pik is gorgeous! I also saw your other photos. Your other sakura blossoms are so beautiful too. I also enjoyed your scenery photos. You are a brilliant photographer!!

This post is lovely. Love the image of chestnut flowers in the rain. I wonder if chestnut flowers are now in bloom in your country. As far as I know, ours have not yet come out.
Chestnut flowers here are white. Are yours white too?

On 12 aprilie 2014, 16:36 , Hikarino Chou spunea...

Dear Harumi,
Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation! I am so happy you like my photos and Haiku! It means a lot to me!
Here the lilac flowers and shidare-zakura are in full bloom for now.
In Ploiesti (my town) we have an avenue full of chestnuts which bloom in May. The flowers have white petals and in the middle they are colored in pink, yellow and orange. They smell so good after the rain :)

Kind regards from Romania,