HAIKU 366 de zile / 366 days / 366 jours / 三百六十六日 san byaku roku juu roku nichi

Welcome to my blog! 
I am Steliana Cristina Voicu and I am from Ploieşti, Romania.

In 2010 I graduated as Bachelor of Economics from Petroleum-Gaz University of Ploieşti, Romania, Field of Study: Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics. In 2012 I received my Master diploma in Business Suport Databases from the same institution.

I love Japan’s culture and people and I do my best to learn the beautiful japanese language.
This blog was created because of my love for Haiku. I wanted to illustrate every day of the year into one haiku, which is why my blog is called "366 days".

I also love photography and painting. The first allows me to capture memories of a moment, the second allows me to place them on canvas. The photograph is a replica of a real landscape, while painting let me give it a personal touch, and in the same time it gives me the opportunity to share with others the world through my eyes.

My poetry and short prose have been awarded at various Romanian contests and have been published in various anthologies and publications.

My haiku and tanka have been awarded in:
Honorable Mention, 72st Bashō Memorial English Haiku Contest, October 2018, Japan
Honorable Mention, Fleeting Words Tanka Contest, 5th edition, 2018, USA
Honorable Mention, 71st Bashō Memorial English Haiku Contest, October 2017, Japan
Honorable Mention, The Betty Drevniok Award, 2017, Canada
3rd prize, Le Prix Jocelyne Villeneuve, 2017, Canada
Merit Award, Montenegrin International Haiku Festival, 2017, Montenegro
Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival, 2015, Canada
1st prize, Fleeting Words Tanka Contest, 2nd edition, 2015, USA
two Honorable Mentions, The Betty Drevniok Award, 2015, Canada
1st prize, Wild Plum International Haiku Contest, 1st edition, 2015
Commendation, 4th Polish International Haiku Competition 2014, Poland
3rd prize for Haiku, Romanian Kukai, March 2014, theme "sprig (twig)", Romania
3rd prize for Haiku, Romanian Kukai, January 2014, theme "first dream of New Year", Romania
Honorable Mention, 15th HIA Haiku Contest, 30th November 2013, Japan
Honorable Mention, 67th Bashō Haiku Festival, 12th October 2013, Japan
Honourable Mention for Haiku sequence, Poetry Contest organised by The National Space Society of North Texas and The Fort Worth Haiku Society, 4th October 2013, United States of America
Honourable Mention – “blossoming fruit trees”, Diogen International Spring Haiku Contest, 21st March 2013, Ivanić Grad, Croatia
3rd prize for Haiku sequence – “cold moon”, Diogen International Winter Haiku Contest, 2012, Ivanić Grad, Croatia.

My haiku and tanka have been published in:
Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, USA, 2017
Haiku Collection "Nature in the Eye", Publisher Society of Artists „Vizija", Editor Slavka Klikovac, Podgorica, Montenegro, 2017
The online anthology One Man's Maple Moon: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka, Volume Two 2016 edited and translated by Chen-ou Liu
The Heron's Nest Volume XVII, Number 4: December 2015
Le collectif "Cent haïkus pour la paix", Éditions L'iroli, Le Conseil départemental de la Somme, France, 2015
cattails a collected works of UHTS, Canada
the First Haiku Anthology of Wild Plum Haiku Journal "Behind the Tree Line" 2015 edited by Gabriel Sawicki
Selected Haiku Submissions Collection of Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest, Publisher Yamagata City Culture Foundation & Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum, July 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Japan
Under the Bashō 2015
Wild Plum Haiku Journal
Daily Haiga, Canada
CIRRUS: tankas de nos jours, Canada
NeverEndingStory, English-Chinese online journal of Chen-ou Liu, Canada
The Mainichi, Japan
World Haiku Association, the monthly WHA Haiga Contest, Saitama, Japan
A Hundred Gourds, Australia
DIOGEN pro culture magazine: New Year Poetry Greeting Card, Publisher Einhorn Verlag, Kusnacht, Switzerland
Le recueil "Le livre " du Jeu-Concours poésie Les ADEX, Octobre 2013, France
DIOGEN pro art magazine No 38, September 2013, Publisher Einhorn Verlag, Kusnacht, Switzerland
Apokalipsa Review, no. 173-174, Editor’s choice section, September 2013, Slovenia
The Asahi Shimbun: Asahi Haikuist Network, Tokyo, Japan
Ploc¡ la revue du Haiku, Seichamps, France
Haikouest, France
“Nuages d’octobre”, Anthology of Tanka directed by Maxianne Berger & Mike Montreuil, Éditions des petits nuages, May 2013, Ottawa, Canada
Chrysanthemum, Puchberg, Austria
DIOGEN pro culture magazine: Konji / The Horses, Publisher Einhorn Verlag, Kusnacht, Switzerland
Ginyu Haiku Gallery, International Haiku Magazine Ginyu, no. 56, Ginyu Press, October 20, 2012, Saitama, Japan
The Book of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 editions of the “Sharpening the Green Pencil” Haiku International Contest, organized by the Romanian Kukai Group, Romania

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!
Thank you for your visit,
Steliana Cristina Voicu
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