cadou de la nepoţel
cutie de bomboane deschisa

Dragobete -
my little nephew gives me
an open chocolates box

le Dragobete -
mon petit neveu me donne 
une boîte de chocolats ouverte

(Nihongo 日本語)
Doragobette no hi ドラゴベッテの日
aita chokorēto no hako o  開いたチョコレートの箱を
oi ga watashi ni ataeru 甥が私に与える

NHK World - Haiku Master on Yufuin, Oita, Japan, February 2018

"Dragobete" is a Romanian Feast similar to Valentine's Day, and it’s celebrated on 24th February. Dragobete was in folklore a beautiful youngman, so he is the protector of youth and the patron of love.
It is a feast of spring, love and joy. It is a feast of lovers, because in the past, at the romanian villages, the youngers used to go to the nearby meadows to pick spring flowers (it is believed that these flowers picked on this day should be kept at a holy icon until 24th June on Lady Bedstraw's Feast). They came back at home at lunch and the boy who liked a girl chased her, and if the girl also liked him, she let the boy to kiss her. Hence the words "Dragobete kiss the girl".