Le collectif "Cent haïkus pour la paix", Éditions L'iroli, Le Conseil départemental de la Somme, France, 2015

This project is part of the World War I, 100 years commemoration. 
Last years, poets from all over the world were invited to write haiku about peace. From over 400 authors and 1200 haiku received, I had the honor and joy to be selected for the anthology. 
The book has been released in September 2015 and today I can hold it in my hands.
I am so happy...

după război
du-mă pe Podul Lunii*
să-ţi fiu mireasă

quand la guerre finira
prends-moi au Pont de la Lune*
être ton épouse

*Moon Bridge, Dahu Park, Taipei, Taiwan