Lui Iorgo

vestitor al
primilor zori de primăvară…

of the spring's first dawn…

de première aube de printemps…
corde roumaine

(Nihongo 日本語)
kesa no haru no 今朝の春の
denreisha 伝令者
Rūmania no mojiretsu ルーマニアの文字列

Asahi Haikuist Network, Japan, March 6, 2015


mărţişor = romanian string which consists of a white string and a red string woven together, with a little talisman attached to it. The mărţişor is weared by children and women from 1st March until the first trees blossoms, when they have to hang it from a branch in bloom (not every blossom branch, but the one of a fruit tree). It is believed that mărţişor brings health and good luck to the wearer.