Lui Iorgo

de Mărţişor -
în sala de naşteri
lacrimi de bucurie

Little March Gift's Day -
in the delivery room
tears of joy

Petit cadeau du Mars -
dans la salle de naissance
larmes de joie

(Nihongo 日本語)
sangatsu-no gifuto - 3月のギフト
bunben-shitsu de no 分娩室での
yorokobi no namida 喜びの涙

11 pct, locul VII, Romanian Kukai Martie 2014 - tema "mărţişor"


mărţişor = romanian string which consists of a white string and a red string woven together, with a little talisman attached to it. The mărţişor is weared by children and women from 1st March until the first trees blossoms, when they have to hang it from a branch in bloom (not every blossom branch, but the one of a fruit tree). It is believed that mărţişor brings health and good luck to the wearer.