I was so happy to see my Haiku won a Honorable Mention at 15th HIA Haiku Contest, on November 30th, 2013, selected by Mr. Toru Kiuchi:

Thank you so much for this prize to the organizers!

Se-ngână zorii
Vărsătorule, goleşte
cerul de stele

The peep of day  
Aquarius empty the sky
From its stars

La pointe du jour
Le Verseau vide le ciel 
De ses étoiles

(Nihongo 日本語)
yoake 夜明け
mizugameza ga sora kara 水瓶座が空から
hoshi o akete 星を空けて
(personal translation)

I am not a good Japanese speaker, but I do my best to translate my Haiku into Japanese, so I was extremely happy when I saw that my translation was close to the translation of Mr. Toru Kiuchi:

木内徹選 translated by Toru Kiuchi :