Castel de nisip
Scoica unui melc de mare
Dar pentru regină

Sand castle
The shell of a sea snail
My gift for the queen

Château de sable
La coquille d'un escargot de mer
Mon cadeau pour la reine

(Nihongo 日本語)
suna no shiro 砂の城
Umi katatsumuri no kara 海カタツムリの殻
Joō e no okurimono 女王への贈り物

2 pts, Shiki Monthly Kukai June 2013 free format "shell"

Comments (2)

On 6 august 2013, 16:10 , ☆sapphire spunea...


Of the six haiku-poems you've posted, I like this one the best. Of course the rest are nice too. The umi-katatsumuri evokes the image of a castle and it goes so well with "My gift for the queen". She lives in a big castle, doesn't she? Your haiku make me feel so good!! Thank you so much!

On 6 august 2013, 18:15 , Hikarino Chou spunea...

Dear Sapphire,

I am so happy to hear you liked my Haiku. Yes, the Queen has to live in a big castle, so I built a sand castle for her. Who doesn't like to built sand castle when he was little?

Thank you so much for your kind words and visit!