Luna Roz -
pictând sakura pe Muntele Fuji
în acuarele

Pink Full Moon -
painting sakura on Mount Fuji
with watercolors

lune de rose -
peindre sakura sur le Mont Fuji
à l'aquarelle
(Nihongo 日本語)
pinku no mangetsu ピンクの満月
Fuji-san no sakura 富士山の桜
suisaiga 水彩画

Painting sakura on Mount Fuji
© Steliana Cristina Voicu

Comments (4)

On 16 martie 2013, 15:09 , snowwhite spunea...

Oh, in your blog, spring is in full bloom!! Beautiful image!
We will have Sakura season soon here in Nara,Japan. Everything will be bathed in pink.

On 16 martie 2013, 20:46 , Steliana Cristina Voicu spunea...

Dear Keiko,
I am so glad you like it and so glad every time you visit my page! The spring is just in my painting. Here the spring didn't come yet. The trees usually bloom at the end of March.

Best wishes to you!


On 18 martie 2013, 14:09 , ☆sapphire spunea...

Oh this painting is so beautiful! I assume that the lake in it must be one of Fuji Five Lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture. In fact, the mountain viewed from the Yamanashi side is more beautiful than viewed from Shizuoka. Pink full moon sounds so romantic. really a nice haiku!!

On 18 martie 2013, 14:23 , Steliana Cristina Voicu spunea...

My dear sapphire,

Thank you very much for your kind words and visit!
I have never been in Japan, although this is my big wish. I painted from my imagination, after I studied it a little. I love cherry blossoms and painting them makes me happy :)