Dimineaţă de-octombrie
prin pădure-o alee de lumină
profilul unui cerb

October morning
through the forest, a light alley
the profile of a deer
(To my Mother)

Matin d'automne
dans la forêt, allée d'éclat
le profil d'un cerf
(Pour Maman)

(Nihongo 日本語)
aki no asa
mori ni hikari no roji
shika no rinkaku
(Haha ni)


Asahi Haikuist Network, International Division, Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan, 5 October 2012

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On 7 decembrie 2012, 16:39 , snowwhite spunea...

Lovely Haiku! I live in Nara and in Nara Park, there are about 1100 wild deer roaming.
Have a great week.

On 7 decembrie 2012, 21:40 , Hikari no Chou spunea...

Hi, Keiko!
Thank you so much for your appreciation! I am so glad you like it and I am glad about your visit! I am not sure it is the correct translation, I love Japan's culture and language and I am doing my best to learn.

I saw your wonderful blog and I added you on my blogroll.