Fugind de ploaie
Sub ciupercă

Running away from rain
Under mushroom 
The hedgehog 

Fuyant la pluie
Sous le champignon
Le hérisson

(Nihongo 日本語)
Ame kara nigeru  雨から逃げる
Kinoko no shita de  キノコの下で
Harinezumi ハリネズミ

Publicat în Ploc¡ la revue du Haiku, nr. 37, realizat de Sam Cannarozzi, Seichamps, Franţa, 10 decembrie 2012

Comments (2)

On 13 decembrie 2012, 16:27 , ☆sapphire spunea...


This is an autumn Haiku, isn't it? because you use "mushroom" which symbolizes autumn.
Love the hedgehog running away from rain! I can smell the scent of the forest!!

On 13 decembrie 2012, 18:40 , Steliana Cristina Voicu spunea...

Yes, it's an autumn one. Its name is 327 (22 nov) which means the 327th day of the year (november 22). I planned to write a haiku for each day, a project that I started 5 years ago(for a 366 days year).
Thank you so much for your comment! Your visit is much appreciated!

Kind regards,