Mărul înflorit
la geamul bunicii -
O stea alunecă
pe marginea unei petale
spre nicăieri

Blossomed apple tree
at grandmother's window -
A star slips
on the edge of a petal
to nowhere

Le pommier fleuri
à la fenêtre de grand-mère -
Une étoile glisse
sur le marge d'une pétale
à nulle parte

(Nihongo 日本語)
ringo no hana 林檎の花
sobo no madogiwa - 祖母の窓際
hoshi wa kaben 星はかべん
no hashi ni doko-ni-mo の端にどこにも
no-e-ni subette のへに滑って

A Hundred Gourds, Tanka, 2:3 June 2013

10 July 2015

Update August 3, 2015:
I am so happy that my tanka has been translated into Chinese by Mr. Chen-ou Liu and published on NeverEnding Story: One Man's Maple Moon