vânt de primăvară -
în culoarea inimii ei
un sărut timid

spring wind -
in the color of her heart
a shy kiss

vent de printemps -
dans la couleur de son cœur
un baiser timide

(Nihongo 日本語)
harukaze 春風
kanojo no kokoro no iro 彼女の心の色
tereya no kisu 照れ屋のキス

10 pts, European Quaterly Kukai #5 Spring 2014 “colors” 

Comments (2)

On 24 martie 2014, 14:08 , ☆sapphire spunea...

This is lovely! Her heart is colored with spring!! We have a word "Haruiro(春色)”which means "the color spring". We also have a word "Akiiro(秋色)" which means the color autumn. Love "a shy kiss".

On 24 martie 2014, 16:18 , Hikarino Chou spunea...

Dear Sapphire,
Thank you so much, I am so glad you like it! Thank you also for the words, I appreciate your support!
Have a beautiful week!